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Hacienda Blue was formerly known as Bowerbird Home.  

With the increased popularity of the name it was decided that a new business name would be launched.

The name needed to be unique, vibrant and colourful just like the products we sell.

With the help of my dear friends and several brainstorming sessions Hacienda Blue was launched!

From 2010 til now I have loved sourcing and designing beautiful pieces for the home.

Welcome to Hacienda Blue!!

About Us

The Concept

Bone Inlay & Mother of Pearl Care and Craftmanship

Hacienda Blue sources unique, often custom made, high quality furniture and home wares which are always hand-produced using traditional methods and created by small owner-managed businesses from around the world.

Hacienda Blue ensures that the suppliers are running ethical businesses and contributing back to their communities as a matter of course.

All pieces in our range are striking, bright, vibrant and colourful, and and every item serves as a home  centerpiece and or a covetable keepsake.